MHS is saying goodbye to one of our own this Friday, April 14...

Marisa is leaving MHS to pursue greater things in the Front Range.

We are all so excited for her new endeavor and wish her all the best!

Come say goodbye all day Friday and wish her well!

And, of course........ pictures!


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The headline reads, ‘Marijuana use increases in Colorado, according to new federal survey’.

Well, duh.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health collected data on marijuana use according to age and last time used. They found that in 2012-2013, 12.7% of people over the age of 12 had used marijuana in the last month in Colorado. This is up from the 10.4% of people over the age of 12 in 2011-2012 who had used in the last month. Now, the explanation for the increased marijuana use seems obvious. People over the age of 21 can go buy pot whenever they want to in the state of Colorado. This is no different than going into the liquor store and getting a 6 pack of beer. I would like to know why this is news worthy…

Now here&rs...

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So, here we are, 2 years after Colorado legalized marijuana for adult use. The state hasn't gone down in flames and it's citizens haven't gone on a marijuana induced killing craze. I'd say that Colorado is sitting quite fine at the head of all this legalization craziness. Although, there is one issue that I continue seeing even after we have all smoked our legal doobies and sang kumbaya in our drum circle together.....

No one likes stoners anymore.

Now, before you get your pitch forks and torches out, hear me out...

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the stoner culture. And by stoner culture I mean: peace signs, patchouli incense, Greatful Dead dancing bears, tye-dye shirts, patchwork skirts.... I think you get the idea. The pe...

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Marijuana edibles are quickly becoming a pain in the sides of Colorado legislators. There was yet another meeting about marijuana edibles in the great state of Colorado and yet again, there was no consensus on what to do about them. There was specific language that was included in Amendment 64 to include marijuana edibles. This is why there wasn't an outright ban on them a few months ago the last time legislators and the CDPHE came together to discuss edibles.

That being said, marijuana edibles are here to stay in Colorado and overwhelmingly the discussion surrounds that of children. This article shows the poison control call center figures of people calling in about accidental ingestion of various things for children under the age of 13...

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Let's talk about marijuana on election day. It was a really big day for the legalization movement, as well as the issue of the Drug War in its entirety. One thing that is absolutely true is that the issue is becoming mainstream, and is seen everywhere, and was supported as a bipartisan issue. On Facebook, marijuana was mentioned more times than any other issue! According to a Policy.Mic article, marijuana was posted about over 700,000 times!!! The next in line was Obamacare, with a little over 300,000 posts. This shows that it is a big ticket issue.

There were a lot of ballot issues concerning cannabis this midterm election. The main ones were legalization for adult use in Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC. As well as the medical marijuan...

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There are a few things that I want to bring to your attention this week MHS readers…

1. Halloween is upon us! And so are the fear mongers using marijuana edibles to stir up controversy.

2. There is a new local Durango TV show called “The Green Light” that is all about cannabis.

3. New Regulations go into place straight from the MED starting tomorrow.

For starters, Halloween is right around the corner. And what is Halloween all about? Costumes, parties and, of course, CANDY. Children drag their reluctant parents around their neighborhoods tirelessly going door to door giving people their best scare and getting delicious candy in the process. Well, in the states of Colorado and Washington, parents are given yet another r...

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When people hear someone saying that they are going to visit Colorado over the weekend to get some well-deserved R&R, almost like an echo in the breeze, someone perks up, “Yea, I bet you’re going to Colorado to ‘hike’,” while simultaneously doing air quotations. It’s not surprising that many people have this reaction when they hear the word Colorado. Pot and Colorado are now synonymous like California and the beach. The revenue coming from the recreational pot industry finally topped medical sales in July of 2014 with 29.7 million dollars. Now that’s a lot of people coming to Colorado to go “hiking”. But, for the people who live in Colorado year round, there has to be something else t...

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Two weeks ago I highlighted the benefits of the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis. Today I want to go over two lesser known cannabinoids in the plant. Those are CBN (cannabinol) and THCa (tetrahydrocannibinolic acid). They each do different things and are found at different stages in the life of the plant.

THCa is what the whole juicing cannabis craze is all about. It is the cannabinoid found in the raw, not dried, form of the plant. This is after it has been harvested, but before the drying/curing process has begun. Some people say that this cannabinoid's specific medicinal properties are lost after the plant has been dried, because THCa actually turns into THC when the plant is dried and cured. That is why most people seeking thi...

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Judging by the amount of junk mail that has been filling up the mailboxes of America, it’s safe to say that election season is in full swing. Every politician is kissing hands and shaking babies…errr… shaking hands and kissing babies… telling people what they want to hear to get a vote out of them. And, although the majority of America is very upset with our own government (Congress, especially), they are the ones that the tokers must look to for changing legislation for marijuana related issues.

Two states, Oregon and Alaska, are looking to fully legalize marijuana use. The District of Columbia is voting on DC's Initiative 71. This would allow adults 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana, grow ...

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Imagine this: You walk into a supermarket. The date is hovering around mid-July. The first thing you see is strawberries on sale for $4.99 a pound. You think to yourself, “That’s awesome! I love fresh fruit!” Just a side note, June to August is primo time for fresh strawberries around the area.

Now, imagine this: You walk into a supermarket. The date is hovering around mid-December. The first thing you see is strawberries for $7.99 a pound. You think to yourself, “That’s awful! Who would pay that much for fresh strawberries?” Another side note, with advances in farming, strawberries are able to be supplied until late December for supermarkets.

So, why the difference in price? This is America, and we sh...

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